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About HackEDU

Secure Coding Training

About HackEDU

HackEDU was founded by Jared Ablon and Matt Koskela, a CISO and VP of Product who identified that developers don't receive traditional training during their higher education degree programs, and therefore need quality training on the job. Together they created a unique training approach to teach developers secure coding skills in a virtual sandbox. The training teaches developers of all experience levels how an exploit works and how to prevent, find, and fix vulnerabilities in code.

Leadership Team


Joe Ferrara, Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about driving growth in technology companies, Joe has a track record for building market leading businesses in cybersecurity and telecommunications at Wombat Security, Ericsson, Marconi, and Tollgrade. He also currently serves as a Board Member of seed investor Innovation Works and most recently served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Proofpoint’s Security Awareness Division. Proofpoint acquired Wombat Security Technologies, a security awareness training company where he served as President and CEO.

Jared Ablon

Jared Ablon, Co-Founder & President

Jared Ablon previously was the Chief Information Security Officer at AirMap where he was the recipient of the CISO of the year award by the LA Business Journal. Jared worked at MITRE Corporation, where he led efforts to ensure security of communications technologies for multiple U.S. Air Force programs. He began his career at the Department of Defense developing cryptanalysis, network exploitation, and vulnerability analysis security technologies.

HackEDU Amy Baker

Amy Baker, Chief Marketing Officer

Amy has served in several top marketing roles in B2B technology companies, including more than eight years leading security awareness training marketing and product at Wombat Security and Proofpoint post acquisition. She also held senior marketing positions at Othot, Tollgrade, Ericsson, McKesson and Marconi. She enjoys providing marketing guidance to other tech start-ups in the Pittsburgh region.
HackEDU Ralph Massaro

Ralph Massaro, Chief Revenue Officer

Ralph has held numerous senior sales executive roles in the technology and cybersecurity space, including vice president of sales at Proofpoint, Wombat Security, ASA Corp, TekMethods, LogicLibrary, Solvaire Technologies and Intraware. He currently serves as an advisor for Project Olympus, a startup incubator program at Carnegie Mellon University’s Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship.


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