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Announcing HackEDU Rewards - Automating Positive Reinforcement in Training

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We are excited to announce the launch of HackEDU Rewards, an automated rewards system that complements HackEDU’s Secure Coding Training platform. The system incentivizes developers to complete their training by offering a reward upon successful completion, and helps change developer behavior. At launch, the rewards include gift cards and crypto currency incentives , with more reward options such as custom branded t-shirts and other merchandise planned for the future. 


We’ve seen customers successfully use rewards as incentives for their developers, achieving almost 100% completion rates after doing so. However, the process of tracking, managing and fulfilling the rewards was performed manually, and resulted in a significant amount of additional work. HackEDU Rewards automates the entire process, making it easier for security leaders and training administrators to solve the age-old challenge of how to get developers to complete their training without encumbering their teams.


When we originally set out to develop a secure coding training solution, we conducted a lot of research to determine how best to approach the design of our product. A recurring theme that came up during our conversations was that the most challenging part of training is getting developers to take and complete it. We surveyed the landscape, and it became clear why this was the case; existing training solutions didn’t really focus on the underlying factors that can motivate developers and maintain their engagement. 


We addressed many of these factors through the application of learning science principles, and the use of an offensive and defensive approach. Both learning science principles and an offensive approach to security training have been shown to be more effective at increasing motivation. While these features are built into our current product, we continually look for ways to further improve motivation and engagement. HackEDU Rewards is the result of that obsession. 


One of the key factors that educators have long espoused as a tool for increasing motivation and enhancing the enjoyment of learning is positive reinforcement. There are four primary forms of reinforcers:

  1. Natural - reinforcement that occurs as a direct result of the action
  2. Token - points or tokens that can be given upon successful completion of the action
  3. Social - expressions of praise or gratitude in response to behaviors
  4. Tangible - physical or monetary rewards given upon successful completion of milestones


HackEDU Rewards provides an automated mechanism for providing tangible reinforcement, and allows developers who successfully complete their training the benefit of choosing the reward that is most appealing to them. It is the next step in the evolution of the HackEDU Secure Coding Training platform, and provides security leaders and training administrators with an additional tool to help you achieve your goal of 100% training completion and ultimately, a reduction of vulnerabilities in your software. HackEDU Rewards can be packaged into the overall licensing agreement to simplify adoption and streamline management of the rewards.


To learn more, contact us at or reach out to your customer success manager.

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