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software security Secure SDLC

How (and Why) to Teach Developers to Think Like Hackers

  Coaches of sports teams would relish the chance to know their opponents' offensive playbook, so that they can prepare the right defensive schemes. Debate experts say you should...

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Secure SDLC Shift Left How To

How to Shift Left and Increase Long-Term Efficiency

  In software development, issues become more time-consuming and more expensive the longer it takes to find and fix them. Find defects too late in the development cycle, and you could...

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DevSecOps Secure SDLC

How to Add Automation into a Secure SDLC

  How to Add Automated Operations into a Seamless Secure Coding Practices Workflow Many software and app companies have looked to automated operations to create a more streamlined and...

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Secure Coding Training Application Security Security Champion

3 Steps To Overcoming the Shortage in Security Talent (Hint: You Already Have What You Need)

According to the 2019/2020 Official Annual Cybersecurity Jobs Report, an estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will go unfilled in 2021. While attracting candidates from such a limited...

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Secure Coding Training DevSecOps

HackEDU Adaptive Training Plans

Integrate SAST/DAST and Bug Bounty programs to provide targeted and timely training   HackEDU integrates with the most popular SAST and DAST tools, bug bounty platforms, SCA tools, code...

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HackEDU Secure Coding Training

HackEDU Customer Case Study

Software/Technology Industry   Developers Find & Fix 5.6x More Vulnerabilities with HackEDU’s Training   Results Summary Top Benefits Achieved 100% of developers improved...

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Secure Coding Training software security Application Security

Secure Code Review Best Practices

Introduction Static code analysis testing with automated tools can enable analyzing large codebases in minutes and identify a wide range of vulnerabilities. But static analysis tools...

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software security Application Security


In the last twenty years, software applications have changed the way we work or do business. Software and in particular web applications store and handle increasingly more sensitive data....

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Secure Coding Training Application Security

How to Run an Effective Application Security Program Remotely

The good news is that running an effective application security program remotely is no different than running it in the office. However, the reality is that most companies are not at the...

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HackEDU Secure Coding Training Secure Development Training

HackEDU Launches Coding Challenges And Secure Coding Assessments

HackEDU has launched Coding Challenges and Secure Coding Assessments for subscribers that are available now!  Coding Challenges are hands-on labs where software developers practice finding...

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