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Topic: Application Security

Application Security offensive training definitions

Finding Vulnerabilities:  Differences among Vulnerability Scanning, Pen Testing, Bug Bounty, Red Team and Purple Team Compared

  When designing systems to be impervious to outside activity, you should always aim to be at least two steps ahead of your adversaries. Whatever it is that you want to protect, whether...

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Secure Coding Training Application Security HackEDU Rewards

Announcing HackEDU Rewards - Automating Positive Reinforcement in Training

  We are excited to announce the launch of HackEDU Rewards, an automated rewards system that complements HackEDU’s Secure Coding Training platform. The system incentivizes developers to...

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Application Security Security Champion Shift Left

How Security Champions Help Improve Application Security

  Application security is a major concern for many organizations.  In 2020, over 23,000 new vulnerabilities were discovered and publicly reported in production applications.  On average,...

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HackEDU Secure Coding Training Application Security

What We Learned from Our Vulnerabilities Benchmark Report

We published our first “Vulnerabilities Benchmark Report” last week, a synthesis of anonymous data from tens of thousands of students on our training platform, representing hundreds of...

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Secure Coding Training Application Security Security Champion

3 Steps To Overcoming the Shortage in Security Talent (Hint: You Already Have What You Need)

According to the 2019/2020 Official Annual Cybersecurity Jobs Report, an estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will go unfilled in 2021. While attracting candidates from such a limited...

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Secure Coding Training software security Application Security

Secure Code Review Best Practices

Introduction Static code analysis testing with automated tools can enable analyzing large codebases in minutes and identify a wide range of vulnerabilities. But static analysis tools...

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software security Application Security


In the last twenty years, software applications have changed the way we work or do business. Software and in particular web applications store and handle increasingly more sensitive data....

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Secure Coding Training Application Security

How to Run an Effective Application Security Program Remotely

The good news is that running an effective application security program remotely is no different than running it in the office. However, the reality is that most companies are not at the...

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Application Security PCI Compliance

How to Go Beyond PCI Compliance to Secure Your Organization: Introduction

Introduction In 2000, the number of websites skyrocketed to 17 million, with more than 400 million internet users. Shortly after, a quickly increasing number of online stores came online....

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software security Application Security DevSecOps

Same-Origin Policy And Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Introduction Modern web browsers provide many built-in security mechanisms to defend against attackers. Same-origin policy, Cookie Policy, Content Security Policy, browser sandbox, and XSS...

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