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Developers Find & Fix 5.6x More Vulnerabilities with HackEDU's Training

Top Benefits Achieved

  • 100% of developers improved their ability to find and fix software vulnerabilities
  • 81% of vulnerabilities were found and fixed correctly up from just 14%
  • 452% increase in secure coding knowledge


A software technology company that has many of the Fortune 500 as their customers stores over 41 million records of end user data. The company wanted a secure coding training solution to both meet PCI secure coding requirements, and reduce vulnerabilities in software to protect their applications and ultimately their end users' data.

Prior to taking any training the company gave a secure coding assessment to all developers. The developers averaged a score of just 19% and found & fixed an average of just 14% of vulnerabilities in the assessment. 58% of developers were unable to successfully find & fix just one vulnerability.

The company decided to put all of their software developers through HackEDU's hands-on secure coding training. HackEDU offers interactive Secure Development Training to help software developers lower the risk of vulnerabilities in code. The company's developers went through an average of 12 of HackEDU's 35 lessons and 12 challenges.

After the training and approximately 9 months after the initial assessment the developers were given another assessment. This time the average score was 85% and the developers found 81% of the vulnerabilities. 100% of the developers found & fixed a majority of the vulnerabilities in the assessment and all of the developers improved their ability to find and fix vulnerabilities in code.

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