Custom Training Content

Have your own applications you want to use for training? Want training specific to your applications? No problem!

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Lessons tailored to your exact environment

Using your own applications can make your training even more relevant to your developers. Implement the exact mistakes your developers made in the past using the same technology in your stack. Custom content yields higher engagement and efficacy.


HackEDU's platform keeps things simple

Use HackEDU's browser-based tools, scalable backend, proxy, and applications unique to individuals. We make it easy to scale your own content to your whole organization.


No Setup Required

All setup is done for you in the browser. Bring up and tear down environments instantly!


Just upload the code

Getting your content setup in our platform is as simple as sending the code!


Custom Curriculum

Use a mix of HackEDU content and your own applications to build completely custom curriculum for your engineers. Relevant, engaging, and effective!

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