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HackEDU Pricing

We believe that dev teams of any size should be able to learn secure coding best practices.

That’s why HackEDU offers full access to training content and platform features for all companies, from startups to enterprises.


Our Quotes Are Based on 2 Factors:
Length of Contract and Number of Learners

All HackEDU customers have access to:

Development Training Modules

All Secure Development Training Modules

Topics covering the most common vulnerabilities, including OWASP Top 10, API Security, Mobile Security (Android and iOS) and others.

Partnership with HackerOne

Advanced Lessons in Partnership with HackerOne

Lessons based on vulnerabilities found in HackerOne’s bug bounty program, including Clickjacking, Blind XXE, Remote Code Execution and more.

Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

Find your next secure coding champion, track team and developer progress, assign custom plans and set completion deadlines.

Real-World Public Vulnerabilities

Sandboxes with Real-World Public Vulnerabilities

Sandboxes that replicate public vulnerabilities, such as Drupalgeddon2 and ZipSlip.

Compliance Certificate Export

Compliance Certificate Export

Generate proof that your developers have completed secure coding training for compliance purposes.

See How HackEDU Can Help Your
Dev Team Reduce the Number of Vulnerabilities
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