Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement has long been espoused by educators as an effective mechanism to increase motivation and enhance the joy of learning.



You don't need to manually track, manage and fulfill the rewards. Everything is done for you automatically.


Rewards That Matter

Rewards include gift cards and crypto currency incentives. Additional reward options, such as custom t-shirts and branded merchandise are being developed. 

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Contact us to learn more about HackEDU Rewards, and how our secure coding training platform can help improve your application security.

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What I've learned already since signing up for HackEDU has proven priceless in terms of protecting one of our major clients against data theft. This week I've been cleaning up several broken authentication issues on their site using the info I've learned just from the course!

Kevin K., Software Development Company

Exploiting and then fixing the code is great. Hands on and eye opening, love it.

Jason L., Financial Services Company

Really love the fact that you can live patch the application. I really like how easy this makes it to see and understand the problem.

E S., Fortune 500 Company