Simplify Secure Coding Training Requirements for SOC2 Compliance

Top Benefits Achieved

  • Tens of hours reduction in time spent actively managing, tracking and reporting training completion
  • 100% of developers surveyed who’d taken other forms of secure coding training preferred HackEDU
  • 100% of developers surveyed said that HackEDU’s training taught them something new


Traction Guest is the leading enterprise visitor management system that has the coveted leader spot in G2 Momentum Grid for Visitor Management. To meet SOC2 compliance requirements, Traction Guest requires their developers to take and complete secure coding training. Their previous solution, a video-based training from a well-known vendor, wasn't very engaging, and as a result, it was difficult to get their development team to complete the training. The admins were also spending tens of hours ever year manually managing, tracking and reporting on training to meet the compliance requirements.

After switching to HackEDU's Secure Coding Training platform, Traction Guest saw a huge improvement. Developer engagement immediately increased because of the hands-on nature of the training, and the use of offensive and defensive training, as well as learning science principles. Developers expressed a preference for HackEDU, and reported gaining knowledge that they hadn't known before. Admins saved tens of hours of time every year by using HackEDU's automations and dashboard. 

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