Save Time on Secure Coding Training Requirements for PCI Compliance

Top Benefits Achieved

  • 3 Work Days Saved on Managing, Tracking and Reporting on Secure Coding Training completion for PCI audits
  • Higher engagement among developers


In the past, there have been a number of hidden costs and challenges associated with secure coding training for PCI Compliance.

For security teams, they included:

  • Time spent managing the completion of training, and chasing down developers to complete their training
  • Making compromises on application security when balancing completion rates with quality of training
  • Reporting training completion to comply with PCI requirements
  • Friction with development teams, whose main motivation is to deliver products and services more quickly

For developers, they have been:

  • Time spent away from developing for the product roadmap, on training that wasn't interesting or challenging
  • Time spent fixing vulnerabilities that would not have happened if the training was better

In this case study, we showcase the example of a Fintech unicorn that has overcome these hidden costs and challenges, and greatly simplified the process of meeting PCI Requirement 6.5. 

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